The use, possession, or distribution by students of alcohol or drugs, including anabolic steroids, in the building or at school-sponsored activities on or off school grounds is wrong, harmful, and is prohibited. Use of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia or alcoholic beverages could subject one to criminal action, shall be grounds for student expulsion and/or participation in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program. Compliance with all regulations of the Drug Free School Act shall be mandatory.



    Smoking or use of tobacco products anywhere on or near school grounds is prohibited.(RCW 28A.210.310) Those caught will be suspended, subject to prosecution referral, and repeat offenders may be eligible for expulsion. Being “caught” means:

    ¨      Actually smoking or chewing a product; holding a product

    ¨      Electronic cigarettes and products are to be considered a tobacco product

    ¨      A burning tobacco product or a fresh pile of spit’n’chew in the vicinity of a student and no one will claim it.