• Do you have concerns about your child’s development in the areas of . . .

    ·     Language?

    ·     Hearing?

    ·     Vision?

    ·     Social-Emotional?

    ·     Cognitive?

    ·     Gross Motor?

    ·     Fine Motor?

    ·     Self Help?



     Child Find Screening and Special Education Services are available to students from birth to 21 years of age

     Most children follow typical developmental patterns. A child whose development may be delayed can often be identified through early screening. Nine Mile Falls School District offers such screening for children ages birth to 21.  If you have further questions, concerns, or would like to schedule a screening for your child, please contact:

     Jay Pearson, Willapa Elementary Administrator at 942-3311. 


    The purpose of Childfind is to locate, evaluate and identify children, aged birth through 21 who have a disability who are not currently receiving special education and related services and who may be eligible those services. All severities and conditions of disability are included. Activities are to reach children who reside within the school district boundaries, regardless of whether they are enrolled in public schools. If you have a child between the ages of birth to 21 who may have a disability and would like to understand what services may be available, please contact one of the building principals.   For more information, contact Jay Pearson, Special Education Coordinator at 942-3311.