• Graded Course Components

     The most important thing in the class is giving a consistently strong effort. Taking notes and doing homework every day are the most important aspects of the class. Components are different for each class.


    Tests and Quizzes

    Daily homework assignments

    Notes, participation, and behavior



    Problem Sets and Notebook 

    Much of our class time will be spent working on problem sets. These problem sets form the core of the course. They will enforce the fundamentals of the course. Math is about practicing and this gives up ample chances to practice what we are learning. Taking good notes is an important skill for students to perfect, and will be assessed throughout the year.




    We will have a quiz at the middle of every chapter, and a test at the end of every chapter.




    Preparation, Attendance, and Pacing

    Good attendance and preparation are the keys to being successful in any class. You will be required to be in your seat when the bell rings, otherwise, you will be marked tardy. Materials such as a notebook and a pencil should be ready before the lesson starts. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary actions such as detention.




    Course Grade

    Grading is on a straight scale (no curve). For more information about percentages and grades, see the WVHS agenda