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    1996 State Championship  

     Game day of the 1996 Willapa Valley football championship!

     For those of you who don't know me, my name is Chelsi Friese.  I graduated from Willapa Valley in 2007.  I spent the next four years in Cheney earning my teaching degree from Eastern Washington University and also competing on EWU's track and field team.  After student teaching in the fall of 2011, I decided to spend the remainder of the year in Cheney substitute teaching and coaching track and field at Cheney High School.  I moved home for the summer and then spent the next nine months in southern Spain teaching English at an elementary school and learning Spanish in the process. I then moved back home and began teaching English Language Learners (ELL) at South Bend Elementary.  During that spring, I ended up filling in as a 3rd grade teacher at South Bend and I continued teaching 3rd grade for the 2014-2015 school year.  I made the switch back to my roots at Willapa Valley in 2015-2016 so that I could fulfill my dream of teaching high school Spanish! Since then, I have taught a variety of other classes at WV including JH English, JH math, ELL, and Title I math/ELA.
    Here is my current schedule of classes:
    1st Period 8:15-9:05 :Math 6
    2nd Period 9:10-10:0 :Spanish II (11th)
    3rd Period 10:10-11:00 :English 7
    4th Period 11:05-12:00 :PREP
    5th Period 12:40-1:30 :Spanish I (10th)
    6th Period 1:35-2:25 :Spanish II (11th)
    Enrichment 2:25-3:00 :ELL Students (Elementary) 
     Please don't hesitate to call me at school (942-2006) or email me (chelsif@willapavalley.org) if you have any questions at all!
     Thank you (gracias),
    Ms. Friese (Señorita Friese)