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New School Board Position Open

Willapa Valley School District has a new opening on the school board in District #5 (Willapa/Old Willapa area.) Tyson Wetterauer has been serving by appointment to the position by the Willapa Valley School Board since October of 2018, when the position was vacated by Tom Gray, who moved from the area.  On Monday night at the regular school board meeting, Tyson resigned his school board position when he realized that he was due for election to two positions on the upcoming November 2019 ballot.  Tyson is due for election as Commissioner of the Pacific County Fire District #3, and he would have also been due for election as Willapa Valley School Board Director. 

Willapa Valley is in an unusual situation, with all five school board positions open for election in November.  Eric Clements, board president, and Andy Portmann, are due for regular re-election for new 4-year terms.  Alyssa Rowlett and Dave Frasier, who were board-appointed in December of 2018, are up for election to complete 2-year terms.  To add another level of complication, the school district is currently running a ballot to re-district.  If the measure is approved, Tyson’s geographic area of residence would be labelled as District #3 which also covers Willapa/Old Willapa.  

Serving on a local school board has often been called “the toughest volunteer job in America.”  While it can be challenging at times, most school directors will tell you there are great rewards in helping students and giving back to the community.  Willapa Valley School Board directors join nearly 1,500 colleagues around the state who have stepped up to this important public service.  Locally, school board directors oversee the operations of the district and the job performance of Nancy Morris, Superintendent.  Willapa Valley residents interested in the open position should contact the district office at 942-5855.